What Does the Wrench Dash Light Mean?

April 29th, 2020 by

If you’ve ever turned your Mazda on and noticed the car wrench light illuminated on your dashboard, you may not intuitively know what it means. What does the wrench dash light mean, and what should you do when it turns on as you drive around Mentor? The good news: the tool icon on your car dashboard is not an indication of something wrong. Instead, it’s your Mazda vehicle’s way of letting you know it’s time for a routine service. Learn more about the car wrench light and what to do when you see it turn on with the service team at Mazda of Bedford.

When You See the Wrench Dash Light

If you see the tool icon on the car dashboard, it’s part of your maintenance monitor that helps you track your Mazda maintenance schedule. Cleveland drivers who see the Mazda wrench should know that it’s time to get their Mazda serviced. Usually, this entails an oil and oil filter change and a multi-point inspection to ensure that all your mechanical parts are in tip-top shape.

While you can drive with the wrench light on, schedule service as soon as possible to ensure that your Mazda is up-to-date on all its maintenance. Waiting too long for your service may reduce engine performance, which in turn can cascade into reduced fuel economy, increased wear and tear, and other potential issues. If your wrench dash light is illuminated in conjunction with other lights (the check engine light for example), don’t wait- contact Mazda of Bedford’s service team immediately to set up an appointment to have your Mazda inspected.

How to Reset the MAZDA Car Wrench Light

While our team at Mazda of Bedford will typically take care of this for you, if you find the wrench dash light on after service has been completed, there’s a simple way to reset it! Follow these steps to reset the tool icon on your car dashboard:

  • With your key in position two (or your push-button start pressed with your foot off the brake), power up your Mazda without the engine running.
  • On your touchscreen or main menu, scroll down to Applications. Select Vehicle Status Monitor, Maintenance, Oil Change, and Reset, in that order.
  • Select Yes.

The next time you start your Mazda, the wrench dash light should be off, and you’re set until your next oil change interval!

MAZDA Wrench Light Service Close to Home

Mazda of Bedford’s service team is here to help you get in, out, and back on the Beachwood roads in your Mazda. That’s why we’re prepared to help you with Mazda wrench light service, oil changes, and whatever else your Mazda may need. We’ve got a great selection of service specials to help you save a buck on routine maintenance. No matter what you’re looking for, Mazda of Bedford is prepared to help, so contact us today to keep your Mazda on the Bedford roads for years to come!

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