How to Be Fuel-Efficient When Driving

2022 Mazda CX-30 with Driver in Front Seat

If you’re like a lot of drivers in Mentor, you probably hate going to the pump. We don’t blame you. If you’re looking for tips on how to be fuel-efficient with your new vehicle or used vehicle, we’ve got some fuel-efficient driving habits that we’d love to share with you. Mazda vehicles are fuel sippers for sure, but that being said, there’s a lot you can do to maximize your fuel economy through your driving style. Read on and let Mazda of Bedford tell you how you can save fuel while driving on hills, how to accelerate, and more.

5 Tips for Being a Fuel-Conscious Driver

No matter if you’re just heading to work in Cleveland or heading the highways for a weekend vacation, you can use these tips anytime, any place to help you get the max out of your fuel economy.

  1. Accelerate softly. Press the gas pedal gently because the harder you press, the more fuel you will use. Have a smooth acceleration and Take five seconds to bring your vehicle up to 10 miles an hour from a standstill.
  2. Keep traffic in mind. If you sit in stop and go traffic, it’s not only inefficient, it’ll also stress out your car’s drivetrain. Avoid rush hour by leaving at least 15 minutes early, and if you know any shortcuts, this is the time to use them.
  3. Avoid excessive speed. Your car will use more fuel when it travels at a higher speed. To get the best possible fuel economy when you’re on the highway, for example, keep your speed between 55 and 65 mph, making sure you’re following the speed limit.
  4. Coast to a stop. Instead of applying your brakes constantly, look at the road ahead. If no one is ahead of you and you have to stop, relieve your foot from the gas and let your car coast to the stop. How can you save fuel while driving on hills? Reduce your speed as you head uphill and when you’re headed back down, use momentum to coast.
  5. Avoid the air conditioner. By using the AC, you’ll increase fuel usage by up to 20%. When you activate the air conditioning, use the recirculate function instead of leaving it going full blast.

Looking for a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle? We Can Help

Do you want a vehicle that’s going to perform when it comes to fuel efficiency? Where the team to help you out! Come on over to our dealership in Bedford and we will educate you further on the fuel-efficient Mazda line. Apply for financing today to get a step ahead of the process.


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