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There are a lot of Bedford and Mentor drivers who drive some pretty nice rides. Some of them are quality new Mazda vehicles sold at Mazda of Bedford while some are not. However, what all cars have in common is that they’ll collect dirt and dust and need to be washed. When that need arises, where should you go? We get that question a lot, which is why we’ve got a guide ready for you. There are plenty of car washes in the Bedford area, including self service car washes near Bedford, Ohio and car washes with free vacuums. Read on and learn more, Cleveland!

Some of Our Favorite Car Washes

The Car Wash

5195 Northfield Rd, Bedford, OH 44146

You know they mean business when their name is The Car Wash. They’ve got a soft touch brushless wash that comes with free hot wax and hand drying. If you’re looking for a place for your car to be treated truly right, here’s the place to be.

Mr. Detail

26496 Broadway Ave, Oakwood Village, OH 44146

Mr. Detail is where you should be headed when it’s time for a detail. Detailing gets your car’s interior looking like-new, and when you go with Mr. Detail, you’re working that focuses on quality rather than speed. Speaking of speed, Mr. Detail is a carwash that serviced the vehicles in the hit film the Fast and the Furious . Prepare yourself for a new level of detailing.


5183 Northfield Rd, Bedford Hts., OH. 44146

Wash-N-Go Car Wash offers touchless car washes, perfect for cars that want to protect their paint jobs. You can get a touchless car wash for just $4.00 to start and for just $19.99, you can get a monthly pass to keep your car looking fresh no matter what kind of weather hits you!

Clean Express Auto Wash

5510 Warrensville Ctr Rd, Maple Heights, OH 44137

Clean Express Auto Wash is the newest premiere 10+ seat express car wash in the Cleveland area. A fast, high-quality and eco-friendly clean car wash is 100% guaranteed. The Unlimited Monthly Car Wash Club offers unlimited car washes starting at just $20 per month per vehicle.

Hand Car Wash vs. Touchless Car Wash

Man Washing Car

Has your car seen better days? Whether you’ve been kicking up dust on the backroads around Mentor, or your car has been subjected to one too many spring showers, it’s probably a good time to give it a wash. Hand car wash and touchless car wash options are readily available, but which is the better choice? There are advantages and drawbacks to both car wash methods. Learn more about hand car wash vs. touchless car wash below, courtesy of the Mazda of Bedford service team. 

Hand Wash Car Wash Facts 

When your vehicle needs a thorough washing, a hand car wash is best. You can do this yourself at home, or find skilled hand wash car wash services at dealerships like Mazda of Bedford or other local auto detailers near Bedford. Consider the following pros and cons: 

Hand Car Wash Advantages

  • A More Thorough Clean – Opting for a hand wash car wash means a deeper clean for your car, as you can get into the small crevices that may be missed by a hands-free car wash. Places like the undercarriage are more easily accessible and you can get rid of eyesores like dried bugs on the windshield or headlights. 
  • Affordable – Washing your car at home vs. having someone else wash it can save you money. 

Hand Car Wash Disadvantages

  • You’ll Pay a Bit More at Specialty Facilities – Naturally, you’ll pay more if you get your car washed at a dealership or specialty facility than if you took the DIY route. However, if you don’t have the time or space to wash your car yourself, it’s probably worth it.
  • Car Paint Could Be Damaged – This isn’t a guaranteed disadvantage, but it could happen if you hand wash your vehicle too frequently. 

Touchless Car Wash Facts 

Also known as a hands free car wash, a touchless car wash is the automatic mechanized car wash you loved going through as a kid. Automated car washes are usually cheaper than bringing your car in for a hand wash, but they too offer their own advantages and drawbacks: 

Hands Free Car Wash Advantages

  • Convenience – Automated car washes are designed for speed and efficiency, and can have your car cleaned in about 10 minutes or less. 
  • Easier on Your Paint – Touchless car washes are gentle on cars, so as to avoid paint scratching and damage. 
  • Cheaper Costs – No manual labor is involved at a touchless car wash, so the costs are relatively low. 

Hands Free Car Wash Disadvantages

  • End Result Might Be Unsatisfactory – Because automatic car washes are made to be gentle on car paint, they’re not always the best at removing stuck-on debris. 

Water Spots – Typically, air dryers are located at the end of automatic car washes to remove any stray water droplets, but they’re not always effective. Your car may end up with water spots.

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If you’re in Beachwood and looking for a new car, we’re the place. Or if you’ve got a car that needs a little help, trust in our service team to help you along. If you’re looking for customization, we always use genuine OEM parts to give you the best possible fit. We cover every step of the process and if you’re ready to go with a team that stands tall, we’ve got a contact form. We’ll get right back to you.


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