Mazda Safety Technology

2022 Mazda MX-30 EV Electric Vehicle

The Mazda i-Activsense® system is a driver assistance suite that takes advantage of radar, camera, and collision mitigation technology to act as a handy sidekick to the driver. Not only will Mentor drivers reduce the likelihood of an accident, they’ll also lower the severity of the accidents that do happen. Learn more about these Mazda safety features and the universe of Mazda safety technology with the sales and service experts at Mazda of Bedford.

What are the i-Activsense® Safety Features?

Are Mazda cars safe? When you see all the Mazda safety technology jam-packed into every i-Activsense® model, we think you’ll be convinced:

Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS)

  • With AFS, drivers can turn the headlights so the light bends around the corner, illuminating what’s coming up next. It’s perfect for curvy roads in precarious conditions.

High-Beam Control (HBC)

  • Everyone likes using their high beams to see better in low visibility conditions, but no one likes having someone else’s high beams shining into their vision. The HBC system uses advanced cameras to switch from low beams to high beams on the fly, making it convenient for both you and other drivers.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)

  • With sonar, MRCC detects the distance between the front of your vehicle and the back of the vehicle that’s in front of you. Then, the system automatically accelerates and brakes to give you a fixed buffer zone between you and the driver ahead. A component of this system is the Distance Recognition Support System (DRSS), which provides the exact distance between cars for Cleveland drivers.

Rear Vehicle Monitoring System (RVM)

  • With radar, RVM analyzes the distance of vehicles behind you to make the driver more aware of other vehicles in the area.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

  • With an advanced camera system, LDWS will read lane markers and send you a warning to ensure that you keep inside your lane. Please note that if the vehicle’s turn signals are on, the LDWS will not engage.

Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW)

  • With radar tech similar to the RVMS, FOW will recognize obstructions and vehicles directly in front of yours and alert you if you’ve got decreasing distance.

Smart City Brake Support

  • When you’re driving in the city, Smart City Brake Support will apply the brakes when you’re driving at low speeds in the city to avoid or mitigate a collision.

Acceleration Control for AT

  • If your Mazda has an automatic transmission, Acceleration Control for AT sends an automatic warning to the driver if the accelerator is pressed too hard and there’s an obstruction ahead.

Explore MAZDA i-Activsense® Safety Features at Mazda of Bedford

If you’ve got further questions about what this driver assist suite can do for your drivers, we suggest you visit Mazda of Bedford. We offer the convenience of an online schedule service form that will take a little bit of stress out of getting your car fixed. Got a question? Contact us today on our web form and we’ll get right back to you.

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