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You and other car owners have experienced the benefits of having a warranty on a vehicle. However, warranties don’t last forever or cover everything, which can cause you to have to fork over unexpected cash for repairs or routine maintenance that weren’t covered.

Mazda has a way of circumventing this problem. When you opt for a Mazda Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan, you get the reassurance and relief of having your maintenance covered in advance. There are several reasons to consider adding it to any Mazda vehicle.


Long-Term Savings

How much are you really saving when you opt for a pre-paid maintenance plan? Mazda crunched the numbers and statistics show that Mazda owners can save as much as 25% of maintenance costs over the life of their vehicle. Having a maintenance plan will also help your vehicle last longer, as regular service will prevent the wear-and-tear of age from taking too much of a toll on your vehicle.



There are a number of different plan options for Mazda owners who want a pre-paid maintenance option. Primary, Enhanced, and Ultimate packages are available that cover different amounts of mechanical parts in a vehicle, as well as plan terms that can last anywhere from 1 year to as long as 5 years. Whether your Mazda is owned or leased, is driven in normal driving conditions or has unique needs, or is new or pre-owned, there are plan options for you.


What are the Differences Between Normal and Unique Plans?

To put it simply, there are two varieties of Mazda Pre-Paid Maintenance Plans: Normal Driving Conditions and Unique Driving Conditions. These plans schedule out all your maintenance in advance based on how many miles the Mazda vehicle has been driven. “Normal” driving conditions require less frequent service, with a vehicle’s first appointment schedule at 7,500 miles, while “unique” conditions warrant an appointment every 5,000 miles in order to accommodate unusual circumstances or needs.


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