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The innovative i-ELOOP Brake Energy Regeneration System from Mazda elevates the function and efficiency of a traditional brake energy regeneration system.

Traditional Brake Energy Regeneration Systems

As a car slows down, its kinetic energy is converted into electricity and stored away. When you need to power up electrical equipment such as your headlights or audio system or adjust the cabin temperature, the system pulls the necessary power from the banked electricity. Fuel economy is protected because these electrical systems aren’t powered by your engine burning more fuel.

Mazda i-ELOOP Brake Energy Regeneration System

Since there is an extremely small window available for systems to capture and convert energy into electricity, Mazda has designed a variable voltage alternator to be more responsive than conventional alternators. Instead of an alternator that only charges at 12 volts, the variable voltage alternator in the Mazda i-ELOOP system charges anywhere from 12V to 25V. Due to its ability to adjust its charge, the capacitor benefits from an ongoing supply of electricity.

By replacing the battery used in conventional systems with a high-capacity electric double layer capacitor to store electricity, the Mazda i-ELOOP system is kinder to the Earth and improves fuel efficiency. It doesn’t require a chemical reaction as a battery would, and it replaces the need for heavy metals with eco-friendly activated charcoal.

Visit Mazda of Bedford to learn more about the Mazda i-ELOOP Brake Energy Regeneration System.



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