Mazda Foundation


Mazda knows that the best companies aren’t just about producing high-quality products, but also about recognizing that organizations like itself have a global responsibility to give back to the communities in which they operate. The Mazda Foundation is Mazda’s way of doing just that. Here is a look at some of the programs dedicated to building a better tomorrow.


After School All-Stars


The Mazda After-School All-Stars’ Life Services program works to help students become effective leaders and offers opportunities for young people to engage in community service. This program also helps students develop a strong sense of social responsibility and civic awareness, which leads to a bright future for the whole world.


Building Homes for Heroes


Building Homes for Heroes® supports men and women injured while serving in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The organization builds or modifies homes for veterans and gifts them mortgage-free to those who deserve them.


Student Conservation Association


Mazda is dedicated to protecting the environment through responsible production practices and also programs like the Student Conservation Association. This organization supports a natural or cultural resource assistant at a National Park Service facility in every state.


To learn more about the Mazda Foundation, visit us at Mazda of Bedford.