Mazda Connected Services

August 3rd, 2020 by

Mazda Connected Services

Mazda Connected Services is complimentary with Remote Start for 3 years on the All New Mazda CX-30 and the 2020 Mazda3. Mazda Connected Services serves as your own personal assistant. With the ability to lock and unlock doors, check the health status of your vehicle and access emergency services, Mazda Connected Services does it all. 

SO, what can it do? Below are the highlighted features for Mazda Connected Services – 


Automatic 911 Dialing

With your connected device, if your vehicle is involved in a moderate to severe collision, a call is automatically made to 911. The “Emergency Assistance Call” setting must be on. 


Malfunction Notifications

In the unlikely event your vehicle malfunctions, you Mazda Connected Services would receive information from the vehicle and customer support is provided. This information can be checked through the MyMazda App malfunction check screen. When contacting a dealer for repairs, they are then able to verify the malfunction information through the system and assess the condition of the vehicle without any information from the driver. 


Remote Control 

Mazda Connected Services allows you the ability to remote start and stop your engine, remote lock and unlock your doors, and turn on your hazard lights at a fixed time to locate your vehicle at night or turn them off in case you forgot. There are options to notify the driver if they have forgotten to lock the doors as well as control the temperature in the car which can come in handy on extremely hot or cold days. 


Using Vehicle Monitor and Alert

Mazda Connected Services also allows you to check vehicle health reports such as engine oil or tire pressure, the amount of fuel remaining, and status alerts, such as doors, hood, trunk, or liftgate open/unlocked. 


Vehicle Finder

You now have the ability to locate where you last parked your vehicle. This feature can also be used to identify if your vehicle is suspected of being stolen. 


In-car Wi-Fi

The vehicle is equipped with an in-car Wi-Fi that functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Read more about what Mazda Connected Services can do and all the how-to’s on how to use it here: