Automotive Chip Shortage


If you read the news in Mentor, you’ve probably read about the vehicle chip shortage as part of the broader chip shortage impacting global supply chains. If you’re in the market for a new car, it’s probably a bit of a headache for you because it’s making it more difficult for you to find the car you want. In short, semiconductor computer chips power many of the electronics we take for granted and thanks to the pandemic, semiconductor production has been impacted. 

Even though times are difficult for car and electronics buyers asking “why are there so many shortages?” there are signs of improvement happening every day. Let Mazda of Bedford answer “why is there a chip shortage?” for you.

Why Is There a Chip Shortage?

Because of the pandemic, there was an increase in demand for certain electronic products as people were stuck at home. The increase in working from home induced demand for electronics that made working from home easier, but there was also demand for new cars, leading to the vehicle chip shortage.

It takes a lot of time for a semiconductor chip to get made then get put into a car that makes its way over to Cleveland. Chips have to be made in pristine, clean conditions to ensure no dust or dirt makes the chip malfunction. Because of pandemic restrictions, the supply chain for semiconductors was impacted and it takes a lot of time for the semiconductor fabrication plants to go back online.

The Chip Shortage and the Car Industry

The vehicle chip shortage in particular is a difficult time for consumers because of all the technology that goes into making a car. Nowadays, cars are chock full of electronic components, from the infotainment system to the safety system to the backup camera. This is impacting the ability to bring cars off the line and to the dealerships in Beachwood and beyond, including Mazda of Bedford in Bedford. As a result, new car prices have increased as of late. And since many people who would normally get a new car are looking for a used car, used cars have gone up too.

Your Next Vehicle Is Here at Mazda of Bedford

Is it time for your next vehicle? You’ve got a place nearby in Bedford that’s ready to help you out. If you know what vehicle you want, we can help you get your hands on it, chip shortage or not. If you don’t, we’d be thrilled to help you out. Contact us today to get started!


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