CX-50 is coming!

November 12th, 2021 by

Get excited Mazda lovers! The new CX-50 is almost here. The newest addition to the SUV lineup will be a midsize crossover with a front wheel based driving platform, available AWD and a more spacious cargo area than the CX-5. This will be a perfect vehicle for all you nature lovers who like to go off of the beaten path and explore. 

The CX-50 will have a new grille and larger wheels than the CX-5-making it possible to do some off-roading adventures. It will be somewhat electrified with mild-hybrid technology and we can expect a 3.0 liter gasoline inline-six engine that will be either turbocharged or twin-turbocharged. It will feature a longer, more stylish body style than the CX-5 as well. The new SUV will enter production in Alabama, January 2022 at the Mazda – Toyota joint-venture factory. We should know more about pricing and other features after the big reveal this Monday, November 15th. 


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