Apple CarPlay

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Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay integrates your iPhone with your Mazda and allows you to use features and apps while staying focused on driving.

To Connect:

  • Connect an Apple Lightning USB cable to your iPhone and the USB port labeled with the smartphone icon
  • MAZDA CONNECT will then detect your iPhone
  • Follow the prompts on the screen and tap “Allow” on your iPhone.

What does Apple CarPlay do?

The on-screen display of Apple CarPlay will mimic your iPhone. You will have access to apps such as your phone, music, maps, messages and more. You are able to customize the screen display in your iPhone settings. 

You can press the talk button on your steering wheel to activate Siri. Once pressed, say your command. For example, press the talk button and say “Call Mom.” Siri will then dial the number saved in your phone as “Mom.” Don’t have the number saved? Just say “Call…” and the number in which you would like dialed.

When you want to play music, you will be able to access third party music streaming apps you have downloaded on your iPhone such as Spotify or Pandora.

With Apple CarPlay Maps, you can input, search for and select a destination to receive turn-by-turn guidance, similar to the Maps app on your iPhone.

With messaging, you never want to text and drive. Apple CarPlay gives you the opportunity to send and read messages with the help of Siri, never having to take your eyes off the road.


**Comes standard in all 2018 – 2019 Mazda6 | 2019 CX-5 | 2019 CX-9 | 2019 Mazda3

**Excludes Sport Trim Level

**Can be added to any 2016 Mazda model or newer with the MX connect system

$299 installed + tax


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